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Lies, and Why People Hate Politics

I’m on the road, on the job. And the things I just heard the President say disgusted me enough to stop my day and respond.

President Obama just gave a press conference in which he called on House Republicans to pass the Senate bill extending the payroll tax holiday for eight weeks. He trotted out several stories about real people who won’t be able to order pizza because the Republicans are playing politics and refusing to compromise. And he ended by lamenting that this mess the Republicans have made is why Americans are disgusted with politics today. I would give exact quotes, but I can’t find a posted transcript yet.

I generally try to keep things on a positive and rational level here, but sometimes a spade is a spade. What utter tripe. The President kept claiming that he was trying to save the average American $1000 a year, and House Republicans are preventing him. Lies. These are outright lies. The eight week extension passed by Democrats saves the average American around $166. The House, on the other hand, did pass a bill extending the tax cut for a full year, which would save people that $1000 he says he wants.

What happened to that bill? The Senate said no. Harry “CEOs-are-like-unicorns” Reid refused the Republican bill to save Americans that money and allow businesses to plan for the future, and passed their own version that will, instead, allow the Democrats to continue to hold this tax over the heads of Republicans and working Americans as a threat. Republicans have been literally waiting in a conference room for Senate Democrats to come work out a compromise, but Reid said, “my way or the highway,” passed this ridiculous eight-week extension, and sent the Senate home. And President Obama just gave a speech claiming that Republicans are raising your taxes by refusing to work together!

Then, since he had no rational argument to make for his position, the President supported the lies by telling stories about poor people that will freeze unless Republicans get in line. This kind of thing, for future reference, should always send up red flags. Notice that the argument of the left is not “here’s our rational position,” but “if you don’t do what we say, you want poor people to die!” That is nearly always a sign that you’re losing the argument. If you have a logical defense, you don’t have to resort to this kind of thing.

This is a main difference between the left and the right, of course. Conservatives base their positions on logic, reason. We want what works. Liberals are all about feeling. Logic is a lower priority–facts may be overlooked, because emotions are what drive liberal policy. It doesn’t matter if your ideas don’t work, as long as you know you’re not one of those evil, uncaring Republicans.

And this is why people are disgusted with politics. It’s speeches like the one the President just gave. It’s lies presented as facts, and the knowledge that large portions of the American public will simply believe them. It’s the fact that I would like to see changes to help more people get out of poverty, but because of people like Reid and Obama and speeches like this, so many people will continue to think that I personally want poor people to freeze, because I support Republicans.


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